2018 Art Council Korea x Barim Research Residency “Inside and Outside, Locality and Internationalism” Open Call (DEADLINE: JULY 26 KOREAN TIME)

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“Inside and Outside, Locality and Internationalism” is an Art Council Korea residency and Barim research residency in which artists research, produce art works and deliver thoughts on the issues and concepts such as interaction and irony between locality and internationalism, center and margin, and local and peripheral. We will talk about the attitudes in contemporary art such as research, site-specific, relics and histories, and internationally and politically correct art languages, and also aim to produce various results from perspectives of abstract, formative, and theoretical approaches.

An artist-in-residency and its time and space offer opportunities for contemporary artists to create works inspired from a specific location, relic, history, and culture, but at the same time, artists deliver messages that are universally and internationally understandable at an international art platform such as biennales which are over 350 in the world. In our days, what can artists create and how can we find a meaningful theme inside and outside, locally and internationally in future? Gwangju, an international contemporary art city, has the biennale and Asia Culture Center, but its local art scene flows differently from the international stream, meaning it has a duality and possibly is the right place to talk about these issues.

Barim invites research-based contemporary artists in all genres such as visual art, performing art, curatorial, film, design, theory, music, critic, and more. We support artists who can utilize time and situation of the residency to pursue research and process based practice, but it doesn’t have to be site-specific nor space-specific. Our exhibition hall is rather small and the exhibition will be with other artists as well, so we encourage selected artists to be flexible with a process of art making and expression. Participating artists must be able to present a research theme and process, as well as own artistic answers through an exhibition, performance, or other artistic medium to the audience.

Please see the following.

Barim, Gwangju, Korea (3F, 80-2 Daeui-dong, Dong-gu, Gwangju)

September 20 – November 15, 2018
Final showcase: November 10, 2018 expected


  • Artist Fee 1,000,000KRW (approx. 900USD/770EUR)
  • Shared working space and shared exhibition/performing space
  • An apartment-type house. A single room / a single bed will be offered to an individual artist with shared bathroom and kitchen.
  • Basic exhibition set-up
  • Basic equipment such as a projector, camcorder, light, speaker, and etc.
    PR materials such as posters and leaflets
  • Translation


  • Contemporary art in general (Artists/curators/researchers/musicians/choreographers/performers/critics) who create/study a research-based work
  • Those who are able to make an artistic proposal on this residency’s theme and responsible in producing a work, bringing a new perspective to Barim, Gwangju, or today’s art
  • Those who are good communicators, living and working collaboratively with others. (Must keep all the area clean all the time. Family or others who are not a participant of this residency program cannot stay at the accommodation)
  • Those who can stay in Gwangju without long term absence
  • You can apply as a duo, collective, or team, but will get the same support as an individual (such as a single room/bed).
  • Open to all artistic media, all ages, all gender, all education level and career level.


Prefer a combined PDF file. Please do not attach a large file and se a drive or link instead.

  1. Introduction (Name, artistic name, phone number, email, website, where you are based and etc/Do not include any sensitive personal information)
  2. Portfolio (Website would work if it is with enough explanation)
  3. CV
  4. Statement
  5. Residency Proposal (Relatable to the theme of the residency. Plan of work)
  6. Special needs (An elevator, sensitive personal information, notes to collaborative living)

All should be submitted before 11PM JULY 26, 2018 (KOREAN TIME) to barimgwangju@gmail.com. 

You will get our answer by AUGUST 1, 2018 personally to your email.


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